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About Us

About Us

Glas Expert, a group of companies

Glas Expert is a group of companies founded in 2002. Our main function is the processing of flat glass, as well as the production of various types of glass for various industries, in the following forms; finished glass, tempered safety glass, laminated glass, ceramic printed glass, enameled ceramic glass, curved glass, mechanically sandblasted glass etc. 

The technology we use

Customers’ requirements are strictly adhered to and precise execution is easily accomplished using ‘cutting edge’ technology in the form of; 2 CNC Intermac, the Tamglass PRO-E securing line, 3 Glaston finishing machines, along with state of the art lamination, enameling, screen printing and ceramic ink printers. 

Participation in international exhibitions

The Glas Expert Group’s participation in the product specific fairs and exhibitions was very much appreciated by our customers; the architects, builders, installers and end-users. Information regarding the stands and details of the exhibitions participated in (2011 BAU Munich, 2012 FURSTERBAU FRONTALE Nurnberg, 2012 GLASSTEC Dusseldorf, 2014 GLASSTEC Dusseldorf, 2016 Hannover Messe, 2017 BAU Munich, 2017 FIBO Koln, 2017 FSB Koln) can be accessed in the  EXIBITIONS section.

Product types and types of glass used

The types of products that we create are either customer-oriented or series-oriented (furniture fixtures bonded in a UV field, vending machine glass panels, ticketing for public transport, glass magnetic boards), or customised decorative railings made from .dwg files, glass doors, glass shower cabinets, glass toilets for public spaces – ceramic prints and enamels, glass stairs with anti-slip design etc.). We use different types of glass: extra-clear and ultra-clear glass, low iron, chemically satin-finished glass, anti-slip glass, antireflection glass, glass with a thickness of between 3 and 19 mm.