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Enamelled Glass

Glass enameling through Roller Technology

Through Roller technology, the colours can be more opaque.

The technique of applying ceramic enamel with a roller makes it easy to create colours with a high degree of opacity. The machine has the ability to apply a substrate of large quantities of ceramic enamel in a controlled manner, up to 320 grams per square meter. The benefit of using this machine is that the ceramic enamel glasses can be created in bright yet very opaque colours.
The challenge accepted and won by Glas Expert is in creating bright colours, even in white, where we can only get a sufficiently opaque glass by using the enamel ceramic roller technology. In this way, it is possible for a wall to be cladded with ‘RAL 9010 pure white’ ceramic enamelled glass panels without the adhesive layer being visible. Our machine capabilities allow us to achieve a high yield of glass enamel production in a short time; we can enamel up to 300 square meters of glass in an 8 hour shift.

Uniformly applied enamel

Using the roller technology, we can ensure that the ceramic enamel is evenly distributed, regardless of the thickness or shape of the glass; we can enamel glass sheets with thicknesses of between 3 and 25 mm. The maximum size of the enamelled glass is 2400 x 4400mm and the minimum size is 150 x 100mm.
After the colour application process, the ceramic enamel is preheated to temperatures between 120 and 200 degrees Celsius. The colours are fixed during the tempering process by exposing the glass to a temperature of about 700 degrees Celsius, at which point the coloured enamel then vitrifies and fuses into the glass’s structure. The colours do not discolour or fade over time, they are resistant to temperatures up to 200 degrees and have a very high resistance to abrasion.