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EVOTOP – Scratch Resistant Glass

EVOTOP – Scratch Resistant Glass

EVOTOP is a tempered , clear, ultraclear ( low-iron), enamelled or printed ceramic glass that fulfills the role of protecting or decorating pieces of furniture that it is installed upon. EVOTOP’s anti-scratch features gives the kitchen countertop a highly practical upgrade: having a glass surface on which we can place pots, cutlery, keys, glasses, etc. without the glass scratching.
Warm, vivid colours, pleasant aromas and comfortable temperatures affect the ambience and harmony of our environment which informs the nature of our thoughts, feelings and actions.
In 2006, Glas Expert introduced a new concept in the form of EVOTOP glass countertops, the operational compliance of which has resulted in the creation of many more types and models and inspired us to further develop design complexity.
EVOTOP products are created using superior machining and finishing techniques. Some of the details that make our glass top a favorite item in the kitchen include ceramic enameling in any shade of the RAL palette, 45-degree finishing, interior trimming of a space for the sink or stove, to name just a few.
The significant strength of the tempered safety glass used, the special adhesives used for bonding, along with the ability to cover a large area with a single piece of glass make these countertops a huge advantage in any kitchen.
EVOTOP can be made from various types of glass (tinted, clear or ultra-clear, low-iron, ornamental), with thicknesses from 4 mm to 19 mm, or EVOLAM in different configurations.

EVOTOP’s superior mechanical and thermal shock resistance makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. Either installed as a kitchen worktop, or as a simple countertop stand requiring no metal or wooden support, EVOTOP can be made of varying thicknesses according to your functional requirements.
Following specific processing, the remarkable strength of the glass makes it a suitable material for a modern, highly durable and hygienic kitchen countertop.

EVOTOP’s physical qualities, coupled with its various special treatments, allows for impeccable hygiene, which is absolutely necessary in any food preparation space. By contrast, worktops made from conventional materials, with fixtures, fittings and/or joints, are invariably difficult to clean adequately and create environments where pathogens can thrive.
Depending on your project requirements, EVOTOP kitchen countertops can be produced in an impressive variety of shapes and sizes up to 4500x2400mm, in ONE piece, removing the inconvenience of joints and numerous sections.
There are very few limits in terms of colors, shape (rectangular, U-shaped, L, etc.) or dimension; however, where glass countertops are concerned, specific technical details regarding glass safety standards will be taken into account.
Internal cutouts allow for the installation of a sink both on top of and underneath the EVOTOP countertop. The latter has proven to be a better choice over time, combined with drainage channels carved in close proximity to the sink.
Finishing and trim details are executed using precision, state-of-the-art computer-assisted CNC machines, with the most detailed design specifications being met effortlessly.

Glas Expert recommends the use of low-iron float glass for EVOTOP assemblies when applying ceramic enamel. Due to iron oxides, float clear glass has a slight greenish tint, this aspect can influence the final shade of applied enamels. This inconvenience is negated when the ceramic enamel is applied to the low-iron float glass and peak colour accuracy is achieved. For all colours applied on clear glass, it is advisable to ask for samples before making a decision; there may be small differences due to the interference of the float clear tint with the RAL palette.
The safety and security of our EVOTOP customers is our first priority. In order to reduce the risk of accidents to a negligible degree, tempering the glass according to European standards is a mandatory requirement. As well as being over 5 times more resistant to mechanical and thermal shocks, EVOTOP can be anti-scratch treated so that they become the optimal solution for the kitchen work area.

Similar EVOKERAM R details can be applied to the kitchen walls that are perpendicular to the glass countertop. The ability to flatten the wall with a large, single-sided surface eliminates the potential appearance of any unsightly joints and, being the same glass used for the countertops, has the same resistance to thermal and mechanical shock, which conforms to European regulations.

EVOTOP glass steps are a great choice for areas with high traffic or potential for scratching and scuffing; the beauty of printed glass combined with the practicality of abrasion -resistance. Continuing on from the steps, EVOTOP flooring can harmoniously integrate the glass with the surrounding elements.

EVOTOP specifications
Maximum size EVOTOP: 2400 mm x 4400 mm
Thicknesses between 4 mm and 19 mm.
Any type of tempered glass, clear float, ultra clear, coloured, ornamental
Minimum cut sizes: 200 mm x 200 mm.
Maximum cut sizes: Project dependent, information available on request

EN 12150.1 – Thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass
EN 12150.2 – Thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass. Evaluation of conformity. Product standard
EN 12600    – Glass in building. Pendulum test. Impact test method and classification for float glass
EN 8572      – Ceramic enamelled tempered glass.
EN 14072    – Glass for furniture. Test methods.
EN 14073.2 – Glass for furniture. safety requirements.

The tolerances of this product are described in the “Glas Expert Tolerances, Products and Services Handbook/Manual” , available to you when placing an order.

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