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EVOTECH – Glass for Industrial Design

EVOTECH – Glass for Industrial Design

EVOTECH is a clean, clear, ultraclear (low-iron), screen printed or ceramic enamel printed glass that has the function of being able to transmit or facilitate user commands to electrical or electronic components. Whether for electronic appliances or display panels for vending machines, elevator control panels or industrial equipment, EVOTECH meets all requirements and is a complex ‘electronic interface’ component.
EVOTECH uses advanced display technology with LED lighting and incorporates LCD, touch sensors, capacitive switches, and areas can be colour trimmed or coloured differently depending on your template.
EVOTECH offers complete customised solutions for control panels and Glas Expert can be depended upon to transform your idea into a finished product, with all details realised to your satisfaction.

With potential for eye-catching aesthetics and being 5 times the strength of regular glass, EVOTECH is the one of the integrators’ first choices for innovative interfaces.
The new generation of electrical and electronic devices use glass for easy maintenance and reliability. EVOTECH capabilities allow incorporation of touch systems, and even manual operation of the interface is possible.
EVOTECH generează o gamă largă de soluții pentru
EVOTECH generates a wide range of solutions for interfaces, including but not limited to: various colours, controlled thickness of the ceramic ink layer, opaque or semi-transparent areas, perfect delimitation of areas of interest, or specific indication of available options.

EVOTECH Glass features
Various types of finishes and cuts, graphic overlay options, vandalism protection, UV ray and water resistance make the glass easy to use, even outdoors.
Numerous EVOTECH applications:
Household appliances
Parking machines
Vending machine displays
Validator of tickets and cards
Medical and laboratory equipment
Industrial equipment
Door entry systems
Fitness equipment
Elevator control panels

EVOTECH specifications 
EVOTECH Maximum size: 2400 mm x 4400 mm
Thicknesses between 4 mm and 19 mm.
Any type of tempered glass, clear float, ultra-clear, coloured/tinted, ornamental
Minimum dimensions: 150 mm x 150 mm.
Maximum cut sizes: Project dependent, information available on request.

EN 12150.1 – Thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass
EN 12150.2 – Thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass. Evaluation of conformity. Product standard
EN 12600    – Glass in building. Pendulum test. Impact test method and classification for float glass
EN 8572 – Ceramic enamelled glass.

The tolerances of this product are described in the “Glas Expert Tolerances, Products and Services Handbook/Manual” , available to you when placing an order.

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