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Do you want to become a Glas Expert distributor ?
In order to become a Glas Expert product distributor, you need to have a commercial space to display our product, which must be in line with the quality of the product to be sold.

At the beginning of the collaboration a distribution contract is signed that contains details regarding:
– Exposure conditions;
– Terms of use of the Glas Expert brand;
– Installation conditions;
– Warranty conditions;
– Conditions for receiving the goods;
– Transport conditions;
– Payment Terms;
– Conditions for product promotion;
– Discount Policies;

Glas Expert supports its distributors  

Glas Expert provides distributors with specialist training and training for the distributor’s employees, as well as technical assistance throughout the duration of the contract.

Glas Expert supplies technical documentation and promotional materials to support distributors, with dedicated fields for distributor contact details.

We are open to suggestion regarding proposals and intentions for your ad campaigns.
Glass Expert has a consistent discount policy for distributors that is advantageous for both parties.

For more details, please contact one of our employees.