From better to best
Why Glas Expert

Because we care about people and their needs

We are concerned about and focus on taking care of people’s welfare. We want our team to live in better conditions than at present, we have an interest to make them happy, to develop themselves and thus to become better. 

Because we are a company with a rich 15 year history

Over the last 15 years we have built a solid dependable company with headquarters in both Romania and Germany. Our projects have even come from beyond Europe’s borders. We have projects in Canada, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, the United States, Qatar, Russia, to name but a few.

Because we offer the possibility of promotion

Any employee new to our company has the opportunity to be promoted to higher paid positions with more opportunities and responsibilities. Glas Expert currently has over 70 employees and is constantly growing, so we have a large promotional structure. You have the opportunity climb the ladder into a variety of challenging and rewarding positions.

Because we deal with employee specialisation

We are aware that the value of a team lies in the individual value of each member of the team. This is precisely why we want each team member to be trained and specialised in what he does. We also understand that training is a specialised profession so, where necessary, we submit our employees to exemplory training courses from outside our company.

Because we innovate, which is why we have a future

We understand that in order to have a future in an evolving world, innovation is essential. We are intensley interested in innovations in management solutions, recruitment, machinery and equipment. The staff at Glas Expert is continually improving, keeping pace with changes in the company.

Because we value the society we live in

We develop innovative solutions designed for our customers’ success. We try to find simpler, more efficient, more sustainable solutions to enhance the society we live in, and we want to add you to our creative team of innovators.