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Ventilated Glass Facade Systems - INOVENT

The INOVENT glass ventilated façade is a new, ground breaking element, fixed at a certain distance from the building wall by means of a metal supporting structure.


The Glas Expert's Smart Mirror Display or intelligent reflection of the future represents the perfect fusion of advanced technology and elegant design.

Shower Enclosures

Glas Expert produces shower doors In various configurations using extra-clear, ultra clear (low-iron) glass, either tinted or tempered mirror type glass.

Selfclosing Glass Shower Panel

EVODUSCH’s innovative pre-mixed water system is an economical solution for shower areas in any spa or fitness center.

Printed and Coloured Glass Cladding

Helpful in daily use and easy to clean, EVOKERAM enameled ceramic glass is the most practical solution for wall cladding.

Office Dividers Glass Wall

A bright and open space will always benefit from a glass partition or a regular partition with glass doors.

Mirrors and Mirror Tiling

Placing mirrors on the walls gives the feeling of spaciousness and multiplies the light in any office, hall or room.

LED Illuminated Glass

The Transformative Light: LED illuminated glass brings magic to your space.

Glass Window Shop

Expertise in Elegance and Durability: Glas Expert showcases redefine the standards in design and functionality, offering a perfect combination of aesthetics and resistance.

Glass Stairs and Steps

Raising Standards in Glass Staircase Design: Glas Expert redefines the concept of elegance and functionality, striking a balance between modernity and durability.

Glass Railings

European Safety and Security Standards require that glass railings be an effective safety guard against falling.

Glass Point-Fixing

The point-fixings have different variants and number of arms depending on the area in which they are fastened and the elements they hold together.

Glass Lighting - EVOLIGHT

EVOLIGHT is a product developed and innovated by Glas Expert for both office and private spaces.

Glass Furniture

The UV bonding of EVODUR ESG safety glasses generates a clean, clear appearance and allows unrestricted viewing of all displayed objects.

Glass Floors

Glass flooring is particularly stylish way to upgrade a building’s interior design, for both commercial applications and private areas.

Glass Doors

With various design and finishing options, Glas Expert glass doors are the ideal solution for adding elegance and refinement to any space, highlighting both its aesthetics and functionality.

Glass Covers

Luminaire systems for offices, hotel receptions, commercial premises

Fire Resistant Glass

Fire resistant glass E, EI, EW for 30' , 60' , 90'

Bottle for Toilets - EVOCUBICLE

Cubicles, partitioning solutions for toilets: Elegance and Functionality in the invisible details.