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EVOLAM CONTOUR – Laminated Curved Glass

EVOLAM CONTOUR – Laminated Curved Glass

EVOLAM CONTOUR is a laminated curved glass ( tempered or not) consisting of one or two glass layers of the same or different thicknesses and then laminated with one or more 0.38mm EVA foil interlayers.
The EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) film interlayers are ‘hydrophobic’ or water repellent, (unlike PVB which is ‘hydrophilic’ or absorbs water), so it can be installed outdoors without the risk of delamination. The EVA film also has qualities that make EVOLAM ‘UV resistant’.
EVOLAM CONTOUR can be used both indoors and outdoors and has a very high transparency index.
EVOLAM CONTOUR is a safety glass and by varying the thickness and number of glass sheets, various levels of security can be obtained.
EVOLAM CONTOUR glass can be processed for various applications, with various specific cutouts and holes according to the project’s requirements.

Contoured glass railings – a distinguished look can enrich the hall or the entrance to the house, or in the office. Built with fixing points or a contoured profile, EVODUR T curved laminated tempered glass railings provide a special design with minimalist lines, or ceramic print options, or coloured foil interlayers.
Contoured glass canopies – perfectly suited to a house entrance or office, an EVOLAM CONTOUR glass canopy marks the entrance to a special and innovative space. Glass canopies can include ceramic enamel in many colours, or can be ceramic screen printed with a repeating pattern.
Tram and train windscreens – CNC-cut so as to be fully adapted to the carriage shape, the windscreens are installed in such a way that the special adhesives used to fix the glass are not visible. The windshields are manufactured so that in the event of a break, the glass will remain in place, protecting the lives of the passengers.
Curved glass partitions – the ability to adapt a sound limiting glass partition to any space (meeting rooms, interview rooms) inspires the imagination of architects and designers alike. The metal fittings and fixtures, eye-catching in shape and detail, are adapted for curved assemblies. With coloured foil, textile inserts or ceramic prints, EVOLAM CONTOUR laminated tempered glass contoured partitions are truely works of art.
Protection against injury – if the glass breaks, the fragments remain stuck to the lamination film and any potentially harmful shards are held in place.
Freefall protection – Correct sizing and proper application of regulatory requirements, as well as correct calculation of the laminate glass thickness, give EVOLAM CONTOUR a residual stability in case of breakage, as well as a retention, in some cases, of the body/ies that caused the glass to break.
Intrusion protection –laminated safety glass, mounted in an adequate frame, is a significant burglary deterrent, helping to ensure the security of stores, homes, offices, etc. The evaluation of risk and regulations determine the level of protection to be achieved and therefore the type of glass that will be used.
This choice obviously depends on the nature and value of the goods to be protected, the type of building (eg: easily accessible or not, individual dwelling, etc.) and location (eg isolated or not, high/low risk area, etc).
The assessment of this risk will be done on a case-by-case basis and any insurers’ requirements will be taken into account.
Vandalism Protection – certain devices or appliances, works of art, etc. must be protected against vandalism. Due to its breakage properties, in the case of vandalism EVOLAM CONTOUR glass remains fixed in position, making it practically impossible to reach the protected item. an example of this aspect would be glass that is placed over the displays at ATMs, or paintings, for instance.
Protection against noise pollution is offered, where sound damping is imperative to the working invironment, by using special foil interlayers in the EVOLAM CONTOUR laminating process.
UV protection – EVOLAM CONTOUR laminated glass reduces ultraviolet penetration by approximately 90%, making it ideal for shop windows to protect against the discolouration of exposed clothing.

Maximum size: 3000 x 2400 mm for variants containing EVODUR R ˃ 2000mm
Maximum size: 2000x 1500 mm for variants that do not require tempered processing
There are no limitations on the radius of curvature for variants that do not require tempered processing
Maximum thickness: 22 mm
After manufacture, EVOLAM CONTOUR laminated glass can not be processed.

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The tolerances of this product are described in the “Glas Expert Tolerances, Products and Services Handbook/Manual” , available to you when placing an order.

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