Ceramic Printing on Glass

Ceramic glass printing can be done at resolutions up to 1440 DPI
Ceramic Printing on Glass requires cutting-edge technology. In 2014 Glas Expert was the first Romanian company to acquire this technology, placing us among the top 30 glass processing companies in Europe. Ceramic ink printing is done in a ‘temperature and humidity’ controlled environment. After printing, the glass is heated to a temperature of 650 – 700 degrees (depending on the thickness of the glass). As the glass is tempering, the ceramic ink practically fuses with the glass and the printed image remains at the same high quality for at least 15 years, unaffected by external factors. The colours are UV resistant and the printed ceramic surface is highly resistant to abrasion.

 Images can be opaque or translucent
When images are printed on glass the resolution in relation to the print size must be taken into account. Print images must be over 10 MB per square foot at an average resolution of 150 dpi.
The images can be printed in the entire range from semi-opaque to opaque, 0-100%. The machine has 8 print heads including black and white. If a specific colour is required as a single shade, one of the print heads can be dedicated to that variant (for RAL, PANTONE, etc.).
This state-of-the-art technology was used in the development of our unique EVOPRINT product, which has a multitude of applications. For details about ceramic printing and to view the Glas Expert portfolio, visit www.sticlaprintata.ro
The maximum print size is up to 4400 x 2400 mm