Even since the beginning the collaboration with Glas Expert was fruitful because it was based on a very good communication with all the departments: sales, production and installing. Glas Expert supported this project by offering the proper technical solutions, the productive discussions with our architect and by transforming these ideas into reality. Glas Expert was very helpful for the successful ending of the whole project.  Heidi Letter


CEO - Heidi Chocolate Swiss

A glass provider knows what to ask an architect when he has a project and weighs his answers to be economically efficient. An expert, however, knows how to find, together with the architect, the optimal, technologically reliable solutions and as close as possible to the architect’s vision. For me the expert in glass is Glas Expert.

Matius ICHIM

Arhitect Partner - Matius Studio - Creator de Succes

For me, it is the experience that gives the value of a trustworthy provider. The value invested in logistics and the installing team is that which gives confidence in a product delivered on time and in desired parameters. Passion, however, is the one that polishes every detail I draw. That’s why Glas Expert is the first in the list of recommendations.


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