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EVOPRINT – Ceramic Printed Glass

EVOPRINT – Ceramic Printed Glass

EVOPRINT is a special glass on which full colour ceramic ink is applied using cutting-edge digital technology. Purchasing and utilising this impressive machinery placed Glas Expert in the top 20 glass manufacturing companies in Europe

The ceramic printing technology used for EVOPRINT does not require screen printing or other devices, ceramic ink is deposited digitally through the print heads directly onto the glass surface. The EVOPRINT technology allows us to precisely fine-tune the thickness of the printed ceramic layer and therefore the opacity or translucency of the final print.

EVOPRINT is a glass for the present and the future, manufactured using leading-edge glass printing technology, and allows unprecedented customisation of your project. Following the printing process, by heating the printed ceramic ink and the glass sheet together, the ink vitrifies, penetrates and fuses with the mass of the glass. This creates a printed surface that is not only beautiful but also resistant to abrasion, water, ultraviolet rays, solvents, acids etc.

EVOPRINT can reproduce photos, vector graphics or graphic motifs with remarkable accuracy and with maximum colour intensity on the glass. Along with the spectacular interior applications available, EVOPRINT is the only way to print on glass for exterior installation, producing surfaces that are resistant to chemical and abrasive factors, as well as UV rays. Always staying current and attending industry-specific courses specialising in appropriate types of print / digital image processing, the Glas Expert staff are able to confidently and skillfully execute all manner of printed glass operations…

Advantages of the technology used:
Ability to print with 8 basic colours (6 standard + 2 specials)
For special projects, we can print in dedicated colour (eg RAL 2004)
Maximum resolution of 1440 dpi
Ceramic ink does not contain Cadmium or Lead (does not pollute and is not toxic to humans)
We offer specialised image processing consultancy
We use professional calibrated EIZO monitors for colour accuracy

With both indoor and outdoor applications, EVOPRINT finds its applications in:
– glass doors and partitions,
– ventilated facades
– cladding the walls with glass,
– railings,
– shower cubicles,
– locker doors
– vending machines
– Outdoor display panels
– Elevator doors

Protection against injury – Should it break, EVOPRINT fractures into very small, harmless shards, ensuring the safety and security of those who may come into contact with the glass.
Break-in/ Intrusion protection –if EVOPRINT is laminated and the glass is mounted into a suitable frame, it can provide essential protection against burglary.

According to the unique specifications of each project, EVOPRINT can include the EVOKERAM R ceramic enamel component or only regular ceramic print.

Maximum size: 2400 mm x 4400 mm
Minimum size: 250 mm x 200 mm.
Glass thickness: 4 – 19 mm
Opacity: Can be controlled from 0% to 100%
Print resolution: 1440 dpi
Type of ink: Ceramic
Glass type of support: Clear glass, ultra-clear glass, Colored/tinted glass, LowE, Solar control, etc.
Image type: High resolution vector or TIFF images
File types: EPS, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, RAW, NEF,
Color spectrum: RGB
Product life: 25 years


EN 12150.1 Thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass
EN 12150.2 Thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass. Evaluation of conformity. Product standard
EN 8572 – Enamelled tempered glass
EN 12600 – Glass in building. Pendulum test. Impact test method and classification for float glass
EN 14179.1 – Heat Soaked thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass. Definition and description
The tolerances of this product are described in the “Glas Expert Tolerances, Products and Services Handbook/Manual” , available to you when placing an order.

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