Swing Glass Doors Dorma MANET

A swing door mounted with the Dorma MANET system opens up stylish possibilities in the design and construction of a wide range of door partition types, using EVODUR ESG 10 mm and 12 mm thick tempered safety glass. Dorma MANET is the only fitting available for partitioning systems and curved tempered glass doors.

With chamfered holes in the EVODUR ESG or EVOLAM T glass allowing the high-quality stainless steel fitings to be mounted flush with the glass surface in the most elegant way, these systems meet the highest requirements in terms of visual impact.

The Dorma Manet system has variants that can also include overpanels and connectors for fix glass parts .

There are two types of grip: with a continuous bar for a special look, or with smaller segments for floor and ceiling attachments. For particularly high doors, use the whole rod over the full length of the door to stabilise the entire assembly. Floor drainage systems available for this Dorma Manet are the BTS 75 V and BTS 84 variants.

Dorma MANET System specifications:
– maximum door weight: 80 Kg
– maximum height: 2500mm
– Maximum door width: 1200mm