Swing Glass Doors Dorma EA

Made from quality materials and easy to install, Dorma EA hinges meet the most demanding requirements.
The great advantage of Dorma EA hinges is that they can be mounted on frameless doors, aluminium or wooden doors and doors that close an archway.

These hinges open to 180 degrees against the wall the door is mounted on, thereby leaving the area from the room or hall completely free, in contrast to normal doors that open to 90 degrees.
Doors mounted on the BTS floor or Dorma EA floor-mounted system open in parallel with the wall on which the hinges are mounted.

Dorma EA hinges allow for the installation of EVODUR ESG or EVOLAM T glass doors with thicknesses of 10 and 12mm.

Dorma EA Hinge specifications:
– Maximum door width: 1000 mm, with TP / TA band up to 1100mm
– Maximum door height: 3000mm
– maximum door weight: 90 Kg