Swing Glass Doors Dorma VISUR

DORMA’s patented VISUR system makes it possible to create all-glass double-acting doors without any visible fittings. All hardware components are located in the surrounding structures of the door panel. The complete absence of visible fittings makes a single or double door equipped with this type of fittings suit any room or office style. The VISUR system is a true asset when it comes to architectural and interior design.

The Dorma VISUR system can be installed in anodized aluminum, EV1 Deko and EV 2 satinated finishes and can be fitted with EVODUR ESG and EVOLAM T glasses.

Dorma Visur specifications:
– Glass thickness: 10-12mm
– maximum door weight: 80 Kg
– Maximum door width: 1100mm
– Maximum door height: 2500mm

DORMA VISUR uses a concealed closer to operate the closing function invisibly. After each opening action, the concealed closer returns the door reliably to its zero position and its RTS damping feature prevents excessive opening force from damaging the EVODUR ESG glass sheet. The pivotal swiveling system is installed at the foot of the door, at a depth of 64mm, with a 127mm masking cap.