Outdoor Glass Floor 

Outdoor non-slip glass flooring specially designed for commercial or residential installations gives a modern air and complements any building’s design.

The anti-slip glass model provides users with safety, without taking much away from the design idea of a transparent glass floor. Various models are available that can include the application of screen-printed ceramic enamel, using EVOKERAM S. Personalised designs can be made on request.

As they are installed outdoors, the glass floors and all the devices that complete the commissioning must be designed to protect the underlay. Glas Expert employs a tried, tested and certified method for outdoor flooring installation; if another technical solution is required or other mounting details are required, Glas Expert will not assume responsibility for any damage that occurs over time due to water infiltration near the glass or the metal structure.

Depending on the size of the space where it is to be installed, the floor can be divided according to the stereotomy agreed with the client. The configuration and total thickness of the flooring is directly related to its size, Glass configurations start from 8.8.8 and go up to 15.15.15. Set standards clearly define the correlation between the size, the type of fixtures used on the perimeter structure or the point supports, and the total thickness of the glass floor.

Although usually made using EVOLAM laminated safety glass, there are special situations in which the flooring must be made of EVOLAM K laminated and tempered safety glass. The number of laminate interlayers for the glass flooring is calculated specifically according to the pressure and traffic intensity in the area where it is to be mounted.
If the EVOLAM K laminated and tempered glass is installed on a perimeter structure, then Glas Expert adds the EVOKERAM S contour screen-printing option.

The screen-printed area may have different sizes, depending on the size of the structure it is placed on. For instance, if the metal structure is made of 80 x 80 mm rectangular pipe, then the printed area must be 100 mm.

The types of glass used in flooring are extra-clear, ultra-clear (low-iron), gray or bronze coloured.