Glass Steps

Glass steps are an eye catching, inviting way to enhance a building entrance or interior, of course always with a hightened focus on safety and security. Invariably made of EVOLAM T laminated and tempered glass, their thickness starts at 8.2.8mm with a perimeter support structure and can reach – if special vibration and load resistance criteria are required.

Simple plated steps are also an attractive interior design solution, but in this case the safety requirements are met by concrete or metal structural support. A thickness of 8 mm EVOKERAM R glass may be sufficient in this case, however, it is necessary to consider the type of bonding solution used join the elements – it must remove deviations of flatness, if any, and have an elastic component for the joints between the glass / concrete / metal.

Any EVOLAM DESIGN inserts or EVOLAM K coloured foil applications are suitable and can be adapted to the glass steps. The LED lighting options can also be applied, the result of which is stunning. The lamination process in regard to fitting LEDs is a complex one, in which special devices are used to maintain the distance between sheets 1 and 3; the space required for the insertion of the LEDs.

CNC cutouts using .dxf or .dwg files are easy to do. In absolutely specific and special cases, where each step should be adapted to atypical areas, allowances can be made using the digital template device that Glas Expert has at its disposal.

Methods for installing steps are varied and may involve point fixings embedded between the second and third glass sheets. This gives us a full glass surface without holes or inlays that may visible or distracting.
For atypical stair thicknesses we employ customised fixing solutions with stainless steel parts attached into the front of the glass, the last glass sheet being chamfered. The stainless steel fixtures sit flush with the glass surface, offering comfortable use of the whole step in a completely solid and reliable assembly.

Anti-slip solutions are vital elements to consider when it comes to ensuring safety in areas with high levels of pedestrian trafific. For both indoor and outdoor applications, Glas Expert solutions are available in several models and with varying degrees of anti-slip R coefficient.

An understanding of the measurement of friction coefficient and the importance of slip resistance for different types of glass steps is essential to avoid and reduce the risk of slip-related incidents.