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Glass Stairs

Structural glass staircases are stunning installations that inspire unique feelings in all who use them. Building a glass staircase is a great challenge for architects and fitters, as the vibration and load resistance calculations must be a primarly concern, yet have to be combined with each individual customer’s specific design requirements. Using special and specifically treated, laminated and tempered architectural glasses like EVOLAM T, it is possible to obtain the correct configuration necessary for a glass staircase to support its own weight and that of the people who use it. Using these incredibly robust and reliable materials, fixtures and bonding solutions, a glass staircase can cover several floors with a width of up to 3 meters. Glass staircases can be used for both private and commercial projects.

Specific optimal calculations include load analysis, moving and static traffic data, which ultimately provides information about the exact thickness and configurations required for for long term safe usage.
The glass pillars, made of EVOLAM T with appropriate thicknesses, can either support the stairs or can include cutouts for step insertion.

Perfect alignment of the cutouts in the glass pillar is easy thanks to the high performance equipment we use. The CNC machine ensures precise cuts and perfectly aligned identical holes in the tempered and laminated glass. Thus, after the insertion of the glass steps into the cutouts, it’s just a matter of fastening and securing them.
Another structural glass staircase variant is where the steps rest on the pillars and are bonded with suitable adhesive. To prevent the bonding agent from being visible, the glued area can be ceramic enamel printed, using any colour in the RAL palette.

We consistently apply the significant knowledge we have acquired through extensive experience, we reflect on our failures and successes to overcome any challenge, and confidently and professionally complete any staircase project with safety and security at the forefront of our minds.