Sliding Glass Doors Dorma MUTO

Dorma’s new MUTO sliding system brings a few upgrades to their older version: adapting and adding the DORMOTION power-free self-closing system, and adding the Syncro function for double sliding doors.
Dorma MUTO has options for a simple door, for a door and fixed parts, two doors or two doors with fixed parts. Also, Glas Expert mounts this system also for partitions with the sliding door with overpanel +/- fixed parts. In this latter case, the system is installed on the overpanel glass, even for double sliding doors. In addition to this mounting solution,

Dorma MUTO has two basic options: installing the system on the wall or ceiling. The novelty of the MUTO mounting is that the system can be installed and adjusted even in the case of a coffered ceiling, with the possibility of maintenance without dismantling or affecting the interior finishes in any way.

For double doors that need to be opened fully, MUTO can include ‘Syncro’. This option ensures the simultaneous opening of both doors, even if one of them is opened manually. The ‘Syncro’ system can be upgraded with a ‘Dormotion’ device.

Depending on the size and weight of the door, MUTO has the following variants: MUTO Comfort M 50 kg, MUTO Comfort L 80 kg, MUTO Comfort XL 80/150 kg, with the option of adding Dormotion to L and XL variants.

Dorma MUTO system specifications:
– maximum door weight: 80-150 Kg – the weight you choose will determine the MUTO system required.
– maximum height: 3000mm
– Maximum door width: 1300mm