Ventilated Glass Facade Systems - INOVENT

Ventilated Glass Facade System – INOVENT G

The INOVENT glass ventilated façade is a new, ground breaking element, fixed at a certain distance from the building wall by means of a metal supporting structure (either aluminum or steel). EVOKERAM R tempered ceramic enamelled glass is reinforced to handle external stresses (wind, rain, solar radiation, thermal expansion, mechanical stress, etc.) and to create a pleasant, durable appearance that is easy to maintain.

Ventilated Glass Facade System – INOVENT D

INOVENT tempered ceramic glass ventilated facades with demountable profiles were developed by Glas Expert to enable to access to everything hidden between the wall and the façade at any time. Any maintenance required behind the ventilated façade, whether for electrical wiring, installations or automation devices, is easily achieved without damaging any of the glass panels. This system can be mounted in any season and does not require temperatures to be above 10 degrees – as is generally the case …