Glass Doors with Aluminium Frame

Glass Doors with Aluminium Frame – Dorma STUDIO RONDO

The most affordable range of Dorma Studio RONDO door frame fittings series has an elegant yet robust design and adapts easily to all your requirements. Extremely reliable, the RONDO Studio is available in two basic finishes (EV 1 and Stainless Steel) and 4 special finishes (Dorma 300, 105, 199 and 399 finishes).

Glass Doors with Wall Hinges – Dorma TENSOR

Innovation and technology converge with the Dorma Tensor hinges, which are extremely elegant door frame fittings installed in areas with underfloor heating and others with similar mounting restrictions. These revolutionary systems for glass doors contain the return system, which means it is no longer necessary to install BTS in the floor. Tensor keeps the doors in a closed position at 0 degrees and open at 90 degrees. Returning to the closed position is faster than the BTS system, but maintainin …

Glass Doors with Wall Hinges – Dorma S1000

Dorma developed the S1000 hinge system in order to meet the demands for a simple, reliable hinge that is easy to install. With this in mind, DORMA has developed all kinds of options that a complete system should have: Glass/wall hinge with full flange Glass/wall hinge with half flange

Glass Doors with Aluminium Frame – Dorma STUDIO ARCOS

Whenever the glass and door fittings have to merge into a single unit, the new Dorma Arcos line achieves this. The Dorma Arcos range, created with gentle curved lines, won the Zentrum NRW ‘Red Dot design award’ for the German manufacturer in 2002, as well as the iF 2002 award, awarded by ‘International Forum Design’ in Hanover. The Dorma STUDIO ARCOS basic hardware consists of two hinges and a lock. Various handle models can be added to this set and the entire assembly can be fitted with a lock …