UV Glass Bonding 

Glas Expert uses high performance adhesives
UV glass Bonding is the process of gluing two pieces of glass together using a special UV curing adhesive to create a very strong bond. Glas Expert uses this technology for the production of furniture pieces and much more. Most installations involving glass to-stainless-steel, glass-to-aluminum or glass-to-glass can include the use of this technology. The thickness of the glass is determined by application, mounting, weight etc.

UV bonding glue is virtually invisible

Under the effect of ultraviolet rays, the adhesive applied to both components to be bonded polymerises into a highly resistant, adherent completely transparent structure.
UV bonding adhesive is a single-component product that does not require mixing or quantitative measurement. The high quality of adhesives used by Glas Expert significantly reduces drying times and other intermediary steps, resulting in high productivity.

We find the best fixing solution for any application
If the UV bonded glass assembly is intended for the food industry, there will be high temperatures or those below 0 degrees, so we stick with special, steam-resistant and high temperature adhesive variations.
For each application, we use adhesives that polymerise in a specific way and, as such, generate different bonding properties.

UV bonding adhesive requires glass-processing tolerances of +/- 0.5 mm
The international standards for the evaluation of glass processing are quite permissive, leaving room for acceptable dimensional deviations of the order of 2 mm / ml. For UV Glass bonding, the glass can have deviations of up to 0.5mm / ml. If the deviations are higher than 0.5mm, the adhesive polymerises into a much larger complex structure, which creates a white, more opaque colour.
UV Glass bonding is an advanced technological process and succesfull implementation involves significant skill, precision and experience. The bonding itself is not a complex process but craftsmanship, impeccable glass finishing, proper surface preparation, and ensuring quality adhesives are all essential when making durable and safe bonded glass products.