EVOLAM SMART – Switchable Laminated Smart Glass

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EVOLAM SMART – the most innovative product in the EVOLAM range; two layers of EVODUR T glass of the same or different thicknesses, with an EVA foil interlayer insert and an EVOLAM SMART FOIL interlayer insert (a liquid crystal sheet consisting of a matrix of liquid cells that become opaque or that change colour under the influence of an electric current).
EVOLAM SMART is a design glass with an added security component in the form of EVODUR. By varying the thickness of the glass layers making up the the composition, as well as the number of laminating interlayers, various levels of security can be obtained.
EVOLAM SMART glass can be processed for various applications, with specific cuts and holes adaptable to the required fittings.

EVOLAM SMART glass partitions and doors – ensure privacy by being able to replicate the gammut of shades between opacity and transparency. Integrating the film between EVODUR layers creates the possibility of many eye-catching novelty designs and uses and is perfect for improved function in intimate spaces (conference halls, interview rooms).
Dividing panels – if the objective is to temporarily limit or restrict visual access between two rooms, EVOLAM SMART is the most appropriate option.
Protection against injury – if the glass breaks, the fragments remain stuck to the lamination film and any potentially harmful shards are held in place.
Freefall protection – if a partition made using EVOLAM SMART is at risk of falling, correct sizing and proper application of regulatory requirements, as well as correct calculation of the laminate glass thickness, gives a residual stability in case of breakage.
Intrusion protection – Tempered laminated glass, mounted in an adequate frame, is an important deterrent, helping to ensure the security of stores, homes, offices, etc. The evaluation of risk and regulations determine the level of protection to be achieved and therefore the type of glass that will be used.
Protection against noise pollution – where noise protection is an imperative requirement, by using special laminated foil interlayers in the EVOLAM SMART glass manufacturing process.

Maximum size: Data is available on request.
After manufacturing, EVOLAM SMART laminated glass can not be processed further.

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The tolerances of this product are described in the “Glas Expert Tolerances, Products and Services Handbook/Manual” , available to you when placing an order.