Swing Glass Doors

Swing Glass Doors Dorma UNIVERSAL

With over 20 years experience in mounting glass and having access to a wide range of Dorma Universal glass door systems, Glas Expert is invariably successful in finalising all projects involving partitions and glass doors to the client’s satisfaction. Dorma Universal fittings come in a great variety of finishes to fit all of your requirements: stainless steel, satin finished, anodized aluminum, painted, glossy stainless steel, glossy gold.

Swing Glass Doors Dorma ARCOS UNIVERSAL

‘Versatility’ and ‘functionality’ are words that perfectly define the Universal Arcos system, which won a design award from Red Dot Design Zentrum in Germany. The Arcos system has different forms and applications with vertical or horizontal locking orientations and is available in over 10 finishes. Glas Expert mounts this type of system using EVODUR ESG and EVOLAM T tempered safety glass, between 10mm and 12mm thick. A wide range of handles are available to harmonise doors with the rest of the s …

Swing Glass Doors Dorma MANET

A swing door mounted with the Dorma MANET system opens up stylish possibilities in the design and construction of a wide range of door partition types, using EVODUR ESG 10 mm and 12 mm thick tempered safety glass. Dorma MANET is the only fitting available for partitioning systems and curved tempered glass doors.

Swing Glass Doors Dorma EA

Made from quality materials and easy to install, Dorma EA hinges meet the most demanding requirements. The great advantage of Dorma EA hinges is that they can be mounted on frameless doors, aluminium or wooden doors and doors that close an archway. These hinges open to 180 degrees against the wall the door is mounted on, thereby leaving the area from the room or hall completely free, in contrast to normal doors that open to 90 degrees.

Swing Glass Doors Dorma MUNDUS

The Dorma MUNDUS fittings are amazing due to their elegant shapes, with straight edges and rounded corners, without visible inserts, so as not to alter the overall appearance. Visually and technically, the Dorma MUNDUS system is adapted to include connection variants for 24 standard systems such as PT 10, PT 40 or PT 70. MUNDUS also provides solutions for customized space requirements , such as PT 41 and PT 61, for rigid EVODUR ESG glass assemblies with glass fins at 90 °.

Swing Glass Doors Dorma VISUR

DORMA’s patented VISUR system makes it possible to create all-glass double-acting doors without any visible fittings. All hardware components are located in the surrounding structures of the door panel. The complete absence of visible fittings makes a single or double door equipped with this type of fittings suit any room or office style. The VISUR system is a true asset when it comes to architectural and interior design.

Swing Glass Doors Dorma BEYOND

Safe, functional and extremely attractive, DORMA BEYOND is a unique system for glass doors. The harmonious design, along with the cylindrical shape of the hinges, places Dorma Beyond at the top of the list, not only for families with children but for a plethora of other applications. The system is mounted so that the pivot point is at the edge of the glass, preventing the children from getting their fingers between the door and the wall.

Swing Glass Doors Dorma TP

DORMA TP/TA door rails are designed to stiffen and stabilise the glass doors with large widths over 1100mm. Dorma developed two types of glass door bands: one 100 mm and another 76.5 mm, varying the lengths depending on project requirements. They are available for EVODUR ESG 10 mm glass, but with DORMA TP/TA door rails replacements they also fit 12mm or 8mm thick glass. Upon request, the 100mm DORMA TP/TA door rails can also be supplied for thicknesses of EVOLAM T 13.5mm,15mm,17mm,19mm and 21mm …