Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding Glass Doors Dorma MUTO

Dorma’s new MUTO sliding system brings a few upgrades to their older version: adapting and adding the DORMOTION power-free self-closing system, and adding the Syncro function for double sliding doors. Dorma MUTO has options for a simple door, for a door and fixed parts, two doors or two doors with fixed parts. Also, Glas Expert mounts this system also for partitions with the sliding door with overpanel +/- fixed parts. In this latter case, the system is installed on the overpanel glass, even for …

Sliding Glass Doors Dorma MANET

Sliding doors fitted with the Dorma MANET system are elegant variants that embellish any office or home space, allowing for the construction of a wide range of partition types that include doors and fix glass parts. Using 10mm and 12mm thick EVODUR ESG, Glas Expert mounts the Dorma MANET system for both single and sliding door partitions, even on curved glass assemblies.

Sliding Glass Doors Dorma RSP 80

The RSP 80 system’s sophisticated track roller assembly is capable of meeting a wide range of customer requirements up to the highest level: its two visible and maintenance-free roller carriers are rated to support glass panels of up to 80 kg in weight. Sliding on the round track is silent and smooth. The major advantage of the DORMA RSP 80 system is that it provides a minimum distance between the wall and the door, playing an important role in sound insulation.

Telescopic Sliding Glass Doors MTG 2400

The MTG 2400 telescopic system is ideal for large spaces with a maximum length of 6 m. By fully sliding the 6 or 7 EVODUR ESG panels to the wall or parallel to a fixed panel, the MTG 2400 allows you to enter and use the entire space, without restrictions. Variants are available that close one, two or three sides of an open space, and Glas Expert has the experience and expertise required to mount such systems quickly, safely and securely.