Selfclosing Glass Shower Panel

Selfclosing Shower Panels – Thermostatic Mixer

EVODUSCH shower panels, innovated and developed by Glas Expert, represent a revolutionary product for sauna / gym / fitness / spa spaces, where there is always a need for shower areas that are easily cleaned and convenient to operate. Made of EVOKERAM R and EVOKERAM R ceramic enamel glass, the EVODUSCH shower panels can be matched or coordinated with EVOPRINT ceramic prints.

Selfclosing Shower Panels – Mixed Water

EVODUSCH’s innovative pre-mixed water system is an economical solution for shower areas in any spa or fitness center and its pleasant and modern appearance easily adapts to both the design aspects and the hygiene requirements absolutely necessary in a public space. Unlike EVODUSCH with a thermostat, this system is pre-mixed and heated in centralised system. This allows for even better cost management by setting an optimal temperature for all showers.