Integrated Mounting Service

Do you need integrated mounting service ?

20 years of experience in glass installation empowers us to invent and implement complex and comprehensive solutions. Having been involved in, and being involved in projects with widely varying degrees of complexity, we have demonstrated time and time again that we rarely fail to find appropriate technical solutions for each project we commit to.
Glas Expert’s assembly team is the department that implements and materialises all the stages that precede project completion: sampling, design and production.
From glass partitions and glass doors to shower cubicles, from glass railings to glass canopies and staircases, from glass cladding and mirrors to glass ventilated facade systems; we mount any type of glass installation, with all applicable fixtures and fittings.
Our significant experience on large construction sites has prepared us to face any challenges in terms of glass installation, and empowers us to offer you services that include but are not limited to; glass assembly and mounting, fixtures and fittings, profiles and glass devices.
The minimum warranty we provide is 12 months but the warranty can be extended depending on the project requirements. Once the project has been completed, all relevant documents, including the warranty certificate (and associated conditions) are provided.