Specific Design And Consulting

Do you build and look for the best technical solution?

We put experience and information at architects’ fingertips and also provide specific design and consultancy services in the glazing field. Situations encountered on worksites, continuous learning to keep pace with the latest requirements, participation in international fairs as exhibitors and/or as visitors, as well as the tests we do in-house give us the ability to predict unusual situations that might arise in any given project. The atypical technical solutions developed over the years adapted to project requirements in the most efficient form allow us to cover the specific design field. Thus, we can measure and design specifically for any project, including the appropriate technical solutions and services. We provide profile advice to architects, builders or end-users, corroborating the required data with those on-site. Our ability to synthesise all relevant data – that which is specified in the project along with potential data arising on-site, allows us to find the best, suitable technical solution, and then adapt it to the requirements.