No CV ? No problem ! 


In the form below you will be able to send us your most important career information. It will help us greatly if you fill in all the fields on the form. It would be ideal if you also attached a photo, so that we can put a face to the name.

Some ideas for your CV
Below we give you some ideas on what your CV should contain:
1. A CV must contain some personal data such as your name, surname, age, current home address, phone number and email address.
2. Information relating to professional experience. We need to know where you worked, for how long, and what experience you got there. In principle, even if you have 20 years of experience, please restrict the details to an A4 page. On the other hand, you should focus more on what you achieved in previous jobs, than the actual job description; highlight your career successes. We are interested in what skills you may have developed in previous jobs that can be applied to the job you are applying for . Also include any references you may have from people who can recommend you.
3. Your CV must necessarily contain information about your education and training. Do not forget to include any courses you have graduated from.
4. We are also interested in what languages you speak, as well as the level at which you speak and write it/them.
5. Expand on any personal skills, communication skills, managerial skills, organisational skills, or any other skills you have acquired during your professional career.

A complete CV can also be completed online on the EUROPASS website.

However, for mutual convenience, we provide you with a form to send us your details.