L’Usine OPERA – Paris

Based in an 18th-century building steeped in history, right in the heart of Paris, L’Usine Opera is a luxury spa that came to Glas Expert for their EVOCUBICLE shower partitions, touch-control LED lighting and magnifying mirrors, EVOSHOWER shower panels, UV glued shelves, and glass sinks.
The recent increase in the number of spas, sports clubs and fitness centers is a very positive sign that people are looking to improve their health and quality of life. Having a specialised center with specific equipment, coaches and harmonious, relaxing spaces provides us with an opportunity to schedule a little compacted ‘wellness’ into our busy lives.
Glas Expert’s involvement began early on in the technical solution phase, and all supplied parts have been incorporated harmoniously throughout the building.
The EVOCUBICLE shower partitioning systems include aligned EVOKERAM R enamelled and tempered glass cubicle sets with concealed and bonded fixtures and fittings. All chrome hardware was electrostatically painted to harmonise with the glass work, which incorporated RAL pallette colours chosen by the customer.
EVOCUBICLE systems are designed to incorporate electrostatically sprayed paint, which is resistant to the cleaning agents mandatory for use in such areas. Raised 100mm from the floor, the EVOCUBICLE partition system allows access to cleaning devices. EVOKERAM R ceramic enamelled glass is treated with EVOCLEAN to reduce lime scale deposits.
Glas Expert has innovated and developed a glass sink with hidden drainage as a self-contained product. This type of sink was highly regarded as an appreciation of modern innovation and style and entered the final stage of judging at the RED DOT interior design contest. Ceramic enamelled and tempered EVOKERAM R ultra-clear (low-iron) sinks are specially bonded by joining the edges at 45 degrees. The glow of glass with the white of the ceramic enamel sinks mounted inside L’Usine Paris is in perfectly harmony with the general design.
The mirrors and the shelves are discreetly illuminated with contoured LED lighting, creating a spectacular, modern effect. Each shelf has a CNC cutout to conveniently house the hair dryer. Equipped with a touch system to light up the LED lights, the mirrors also offer 5 x magnification.

Client L’Usine Opera – Paris
Location Paris, FRANCE
Architect L’Usine Opera – Paris
Project duration 1 month
Completion date  February, 2018
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