Therme Bucureşti

Surrounded by orchids, palm trees, water bars and special ‘deep spring thermal water’ swimming pools and waterslides, ‘Therme’ – the largest resort ever to be ‘built from scratch’ in Europe – is the place for relaxation and fun in Bucharest. Venus, the Roman goddess of love, beauty and fertility, symbolically dominates the entire Therme complex.

Despite the fact a German printed glass supplier had already been agreed upon for the project, the printed ceramic samples provided by Glass Expert, with our superior print accuracy and execution, along with our unique technical solutions for mounting the hinges, ensured our position as a significant contributor, making Glas Expert one of very few Romanian suppliers to be involved in the construction of Therme Bucharest.

Glas Expert’s participation in the Therme project involved constructing and installing nearly 6,000 locker doors (including tests, samples and trials) with printed ceramic design patterns repeated in series according to the specific numbering on each panel. We also created the glass doors for the wireless phone charging cabinets, echoing the same pattern sequence used in the locker rooms.

To mount the hinges on the glass, we built special test devices and undertook countless trials, including durability and endurance; safety and security being a primary requirement of the client. Accordingly, each hinge is able to support an average weight of 120 kg; the combination of all three hinges on each door easily able to support the weight of a large adult male leaning on it without issue.

Our company’s ethic regarding ‘attention to detail’ qualified us to construct a significant installation in the ‘Galaxy Zone’; named as such because the decorative theme is that of our galaxy. The walls in this area are plated with 850 meters of high-resolution printed glass incorporating stunning images captured by the Hubble Space Telescope.

According to a special request made by the client, ‘Blue mirrored glass’, was brought in by Glass expert’ to ‘continue the reflection of the water as an endless replication of the joy of living.’
The blue mirrors, LED mirrors and clear mirrors were all designed by Glass Expert and specifically integrated using our unique technical solutions adapted for Therme.

The hand rails installed in areas where there is a risk of falling, both vertical and horizontal, are made of laminated toughened security glass. In the wave pool area we used a new method of mounting the hand rails with glue. This long awaited and sought-after solution for bonding glass to the profiles is a spectacular one, especially as it hides the bonding details behind the ceramic printed areas.
The ceramic print encompassing the hand rails compliments the printed images on the glass walls. Our attention to detail has reached new impressive heights where this installation is concerned, having adapted Hubble’s images to the narrow dimensions of the glued railing.

To enhance the customer’s experience and safety at Therme, the toilet doors are made from blue enamelled glass and then toughened and laminated. Should any kind of accident occur, the laminated glass retains the shards, minimizing the risk of injury to a great degree.
In the restaurant area, various plates of coloured enameled Glass are used to display the menu, using special markers. The coordination and dynamic play of various complimentary colors set at the same height creates an air of mood enhancing spaciousness and relaxation.

The Roman goddess Venus, the symbol of Therme Bucharest, dominates from the entrance throughout the complex, initiating the guests into a magical world of beauty and well-being. Under the auspices of Venus, the combined work of the Glass Expert production and assembly teams brought the Therme project to a highly successful conclusion!


Client Therme București
Location Romania, Otopeni
Architect Therme București
Project duration 8 months
Completion date December, 2015
Glas Expert’s products and services 
  • Consultancy in project detail
  • Specific design
  • Measurements and mounting
  • Tempered and laminated glass  EVOLAM T, EVODUR
  • Ceramic enamelled glass EVOKERAM
  • Ceramic printed glass EVOPRINT
  • Aluminium profile for glass railings, electrostatic painted
  • Blue mirror, 6mm
  • Mirrors with LED
  • Glass doors for lockers