Sun Plaza

The reconfiguration process at Sun Plaza was divided into three stages to be completed over a period of 24 months. Glass Expert’s confirmed participation began in the last 12 months of the project, in the interior finishing phase.

The first phase, in which the access passage to the Piața Sudului Metro Station was remodeled and extended, was the phase of the project which involved the most glass. During this stage, Glass Expert mounted 700 square-foot of ceramic printed, enamelled and tempered glass. The print model, designed by internationally acclaimed artist and ‘computer-generated art pioneer’, Peter Kogler, was adapted and installed according to the curvature of the subway station access passage surfaces.

Significant attention to detail was required to combine the specific features of the building site with the graphics, so that the artwork could continue from one side to another without interrupting the feel or flow. Designing the glass with this challenge in mind was the most difficult aspect; as is often the case in such a large projects, unforeseen issues invariably emerge.

Whilst work in the subway station access passage was being undertaken, Glass Expert also designed, produced and mounted the glass fronts above the new stores, the fire hydrants and pilaster doors. In all areas, safety and security was a primary concern. Accordingly, we installed tempered ceramic glass, tempered enamelled ceramic glass, and the hydrant doors were equipped with atypical hinges with a 170 degree opening and with a push-fit locking system. Adaptation and overlapping of graphics on the niches, doors and ‘atypical opening’ areas were assembled and installed with the same attention to detail.

The project ran throughout 2017 and has been successfully completed before Christmas.


Sun Plaza
Peter Kogler
Location Romania, Bucharest
General Contractor Bog’Art
Project duration 12 months
Completion date December 2017
Glas Expert’s products and services 
  • Consultancy in project detail
  • Specific design
  • Measurements and mounting
  • Ceramic printed glass  EVOPRINT
  • Stainless steel U and L profiles
  • 700 sqm ceramic printed glass
  • 300 sqm ceramic enamelled glass EVOKERAM R
  • glass doors for fire hydrant boxes, with special hinges for 170 degrees openings , EVOKERAM R