SEMA Business Park

Glas Expert is well known for its attention to detail, accuracy of execution and innovative technical solutions, which is why the designer asked us for a special reception desk made up of overlapping glass panels.

We discussed various scenarios and spent much time on resistance calculations, we simulated many impacts before we finally proposed 2 variants, both special and distinctive in the details, joints and fittings.

We used EVODUR glass, drilling five overlapping glass layers at at time to create a perfectly aligned assembly. The the assembling of this piece required imagination and inspiration, the load and impact calculations were corroborated, and we designed a base to safely and securely integrate the entire installation.

Client SEMA Business Park
Location Romania, Bucharest
Architect Republic of Architects
Project duration 1 month
Completion date October, 2010
Glas Expert’s products and services
  • Consultancy in project detai
  • Specific design
  • Measurements and mounting
  • Tempered glass EVODUR ESG
  • Single and double point fixing, stainless steel