Penthouse K

Designing a generous space is a pleasant challenge for a major architect like Kata Suto. Penthouse K represents a combination of the highest quality materials with innovative design elements.

Attention to detail was a mandatory requirement and, accordingly, Glas Expert was chosen as a glass supplier for this project. We produced and installed EVOPRINT, EVODUR, EVOLAM SMART laminated glass partitions, shower cubicles, a ceramic printed and tempered mirror type glass, and an EVOPRINT glass partition on a Dorma Manet sliding system.

The atypically dimmensioned and shaped stainless steel profiles were buried in the floor so that only the glass is visible. The installation involved glass sections joining at 45 degrees, with special fixtures and fittings, handles and hinges; all of the elements combining to achieve a sensationally elegant effect.


Client Confidential
Location Confidential
Architect Suto Interior Architects
Project duration 4 months
Completion date  January, 2016
Glas Expert’s products and services 
  • Consultancy in project details
  • Specific design
  • Measurements and mounting
  • Tempered and laminated glass  EVOLAM T
  • Ceramic enamelled glass  EVOKERAM
  • Ceramic printed glass EVOPRINT
  • Glass partition with sliding system , EVOLAM SMART
  • Adapting the EVOLAM SMART partition to the remote control
  • Mirrors cladding,  LED