The 18-storey, 17,000-square-foot tower was designed by Westfourth Architecture, and Calin NEGOESCU (Arch.) also made a major contribution to the project’s completion. Modern, bright and innovative, the entire office space has been thoughtfully designed and developed so that the finishing works can be seen in detail.
Glas Expert’s technical department was fully involved to counteract onsite issues as they arose: the material used as a support for fixing handrails, steps size variations and differences of radii curvature.
Over the last 20 years, we have been involved in several incredibly difficult projects that required inspired technical solutions. We have garnered an enviable name in the glass industry for providing the best quality / price solutions, without compromising on safety and security.
In similar pioneering fashion, we mounted EVOLAM CONTOUR panels with different radii of curvature, with fixing points designed and built specifically for this project
The entire length of the embedded stainless steel hand rail was specially made for this project and is impeccably finished. Glas Expert professionally and efficiently managed the precise measuring of the EVOLAM CONTOUR panels, the accuracy of execution, and the completion of the work well within set deadlines.
Glass Expert executed all of the project details, from the design of the fixtures and fittings, to the measuring and structuring of the curved panels, to the laminating process specific to the EVOLAM CONTOUR product, to the innovative handrail.
From the beautifully designed modern interior, to the huge, audacious 4000mm Evodur partitions mounted on metal profiles, to the straight profile mounted EVOLAM glass handrails, all allowing natural light to flood the space, creating the feeling of a bright, open and contemporary space.
Glas Expert’s significant experience in laminated and tempered glazing has set the bar high once again on this project, and the competent collaboration between the technical team and the production and assembly teams ensured the coherent and precise realization of the entire railing structure.

Client NUSCO Tower
Location România, Bucharest
Architect Westfourth Architecture
Project duration  4 months
Completion date February, 2015
Glas Expert’s products and services
  • Consultancy in project details
  • Specific design
  • Measurements and mounting
  • Laminated tempered glass   EVOLAM CONTOUR from EVODUR ESG
  • Stainless steel fixing points with adjusting system
  • Office glass partitions
  • Glass railings