LIDL Head Office

Having registered in Romanian recently, with a network of more than 200 stores, the German retailer, Lidl, decided to build its own headquarters in northern Bucharest.
Located in the Aviation district, the complex has 15,576 sq m of modern offices in three buildings, 238 parking spaces, 40 parking places for bicycles and 7 electric car charging stations.

An innovative and complex project that implements the most advanced construction technologies. The complex of buildings is designed and certified to be as environmentally friendly as possible, including green and even recycled materials.

Glas Expert installed the toilet mirrors along with 150 square meters of glass railings in two different types of profile. The railings ( made of an 88.2 configuration of extra-clear, laminated and secured EVOLAM T glasses ), are divided into three distinct areas: the lighthouse, the 4th floor circular terrace and the monumental staircase.

Lidl’s specific requirement was that the profiles on the circular terrace should be mounted so that the visible area is easily integrated into the rest of the finishes. In short, a type of installation we would not usually entertain.
At Lidl’s insistence, we tested the mounted profile on location, impacting the railing with as much force as required by the stringent TRAV rules – which requires extremely high standards specific to crowded areas and and those with heavy traffic. Although the installation resisted the impact well, we refused to be held responsible for the safety and security of those who would be in direct contact with the railings, should they be mounted as requested.

Common sense prevailed and with safety and security in mind, to avoid any inconvenience or accident, Lidl decided to fit the profiles as recommended by Glas Expert. Both types of profiles were mounted on the rectangular metal structure, not directly onto the concrete. The previously installed metal structure, onto which we were required to fix the profiles, had flatness deviations and collinearity, causing significant difficulties during the mounting process but the professionalism and experience of the Glas Expert team, once again, rose to the occasion and the project concluded successfully.

The Lidl entrance has a porch, in which the architects envisioned a ceramic print. The idea of the print pattern is that the dots become smaller as they near the floor, with the print gradient being the same as it descends – an intricate aspect that we can manage effortlessly, thanks to technological abilities our state-of-the-art EVOPRINT ceramic printer.

The required modulations of shape and color intensity, applied thicknesses, and ceramic ink opacity can not be achieved by classic screen printing, only by the high-tech ceramic printing technology.

General Contractor
LIDL Head Office
EVEREST International
Location Romania, Bucharest
Architect Concret Construct CD
Project duration 2 months
Completion date  October, 2017
Glas Expert’s products and services 
  • Consultancy in project detail
  • Specific design
  • Impact tests, IN SITE, for the final configuration of the railing, according to EN 12600
  • Measurements and installing
  • Tempered and laminated EVOLAM T, 8.8.2
  • Mirrors cladding
  • Aluminium profiles painted in electrostatic field,  for glass railings
  • Ceramic printed glass EVOPRINT – windfang