S House – Kazakhstan

On the request of a well-known German architect, Glas Expert measured, manufactured and installed, in Kazakhstan, straight and curved glass railings, shower panels, horizontal sliding glass walls systems, a glass canopy, mirrors and glass furnishings, bound in UV rays field.
Glass Expert provided consultancy for all technical details and for each glass system or applications, furnishing technical drawings and projects for all the installed components.
The curved tempered laminated glass railings EVOLAM CONTOUR, in 8.8.4 configuration, were a very difficult project even for Glas Expert- the entire staircase concrete structure did not possess a constant radius. Therefore, each railing panel was individually designed and afterwards the entire structure was harmonized as a unitary whole. The single point fixing components were specially conceived and designed for this project, made of stainless steel, with special clamping systems to withstand a 1,5 kN impact.
The straight railings, of 8.2.8 laminated and tempered glass EVOLAM T, without a handrail, were also installed with stainless steel single point fixings.

At the architect’s request of harmonizing the space, we suggested stainless steel floor fixing systems for certain railings. Already finished, the floor was “covered” in an extremely rough floor tile.
The horizontal sliding glass wall systems ( Dorma HSW) close a generous terrace, protecting it from the wind, dust or snow. These five Dorma HSW systems, mounted on different sides of the terrace, generate, when desired, a complete opening.

The glass canopy, in 8.8.2 configuration laminated and tempered glass EVOLAM T, was mounted on a steel structure, painted in electrostatic field, designed and produced for water/snow drainage.

Curved tempered shower EVODUR ESG cabins were installed, using stainless steel specific components, not to block the water course towards the drainage grating.

The mirrors, with antisteam systems on the back side, were LED-illuminated; The antisteam systems were connected to the switch device from the bath entrance, so they start automatically when the light is switched on.

The bathroom’s wall is plated with 6 mm mirror pieces, polished with 15 mm chamfer . The mirrors were perfect alignment with the edges and chamfers, correct mounted, so the reflected images are unmodified and undistorted

The glass furniture, with a sandblast pattern, bound in UV rays field, was mounted in the living-room. Used as a bar, a place to keep glasses and drinks, this piece of furniture represents an attractive element . The sandblast pattern was customized and specially designed for this client.
The beneficiary’s and the architect’s requirements were aspects which motivated us and gave us the necessary energy for completing such a complex project in only 2 months.


Client Confidential
Location Kazakstan, Simkent
Architect Jakob STIEBEN
Project duration 2 months
Completion date  March, 2014
Glas Expert’s products and services 
  • Consultancy in project detail
  • Specific design
  • Curved tempered laminated glass,  EVODUR CONTOUR
  • Measurements and mounting
  • 6 mm mirrors, LED
  • Shower cabins DORMA, EVODUR CONTOUR
  • Glass canopy, EVOLAM T, EVOKERAM R
  • Glass panel systems DORMA HSW, EVODUR ESG
  • Glass furniture, EVODUR ESG