HM Mega Mall

For the H & M branch at Mega Mall, Glas Expert innovatively developed a glass display case: created by glueing glass panels onto a metal structure. The total height of the cabinet is 17,80m, made of an ‘828 configuration’ of ultraclear, enamelled EVOKERAM S and tempered/laminated EVOLAM T glasses. As you may imagine, the metal structure design was a complex and extensive process. The significant responsibility for construction of the enormous display was readily assumed by Glas Expert, based on concrete technical data, rigorous calculations regarding the steel structure’s durabiltiy and resiliance, bonding specifications and, last but not least, after a multitude of tests carefully carried out until we settled on a safe, workable solution.
Very high safety and security standards are mandatory in areas with high traffic and require the thicknesses and configuration of the tempered and laminated safety glasses to be specifically adapted to the area, as well as rigorous testing of each installation.
Following 23 cumulative tests, we had very reliable data on the complete assembly: glass, structure, devices, and glue. We sent samples for rapid aging tests, in order to be certain about the best combination of enamel, glue and metal we should use.
The installation began with the mounting of the metal structure, then welding and painting according to H & M’s requirements. We are proud to say that H & M’s criteria for quality and acceptance has been fully covered by our attention to detail, which is meticulous on any project we commit to.

With the first panel installed, on to the next, and the next…We worked tirelessly, day and night, to complete the installation within the deadline set by H & M. More than 400 square meters of tempered and laminated EVOLAM T glass were mounted, in record time, to create a head turning, technically sound, innovative and pioneering display centrepiece.


Client H&M Romania
Location Romania, Bucharest
Architect Igloo Arhitecture
Project duration 2 months
Completion date March, 2015
Glas Expert’s products and services
  • Consultancy in project detail
  • Specific design and calculations for technical solution and sizes of glass
  • Execution of a metallic structure with a height of 13 m
  • Fast aging tests, structure sizing and sustained weight
  • Measurements and mounting
  • Tempered and laminated glass EVOLAM T, EVODUR ESG 88.2 Ultraclear (low-iron) glass
  • ceramic screen printed glass  EVOKERAM S