Casa H

House H is an ensemble for which Glas Expert provided all glass installations, implementing new technical solutions and fresh designs using special glass types with various specialized Dorma and Metalglass fittings.
Architects Raluca Popescu and Theo Stancu designed the stunning family home by carefully studying the client’s desires and requirements.
Contour cutting the stairs using EVOLAM T tempered and laminated glass on the CNC machine was only one of many intricacies requested by the client. The stainless steel metal fittings specifically cut for this project have been adapted for EVOLAM T tempered and laminated glass, with precision chamfered holes in the glass to enhance final result.
House H is one of the first projects incorporating LED glass lighting throughout. The engraved 12 mm-thick ultra clear (low iron) EVODUR glass continues from one floor to the next, echoing the beautiful decorative elements on other installations around the house.
For the telescopic door panel, over underfloor heating areas that are not designed to support extra weight, we adapted a special Metalglass assembly which is entirely supported by the ceiling structure. The perfectly aligned EVODUR tempered Glass System isolates the dining area from the rest of the home.
Glass doors, in different configurations and thicknesses, combine EVOKERAM ceramic enamel glass with EVOLAM T and EVOLAM T-laminated glass, EVODUR with DORMA Beyond, as well as Dorma Visur and Dorma Agile 150. Where required, sound insulation is improved using aluminum door panels with Dorma Arcos hardware.
Both indoor and outdoor glass railings are made of EVOLAM T tempered and laminated glass. Where EVOLAM T balcony rails have been intalled outdoors, EVOKERAM S ceramic enamel printed segments are added to mask areas where the stainless steel point fixings attach to the concrete.
Attention to detail is obvious everywhere in this house, from the 45 degree finishing of the EVOLAM T exterior railings, the precision CNC machining of the interior railings, the EVODUR glass engraving and LED lighting, the first class fixtures and fittings, the combination of beautiful EVOKERAM ceramic enamel glass shades blending in specific sequence, to the EVOKERAM chemically satinated glass flooring as a technical solution specifically suited for plating in the underfloor heating areas.

Client Confidential
Location Romania, Bucharest
Architect Raluca Popescu , Theo Stancu
Project duration  4 months
Completion date February, 2015
Glas Expert’s products and services 
  • Consultancy in project detail
  • Specific design
  • Impact tests, IN SITE, for the final configuration of the railing, according with EN 12600
  • Measurements and mounting
  • Tempered and laminated glass  EVOLAM T, cut out according with of the step’s contour
  • Ceramic enamel glass  EVOKERAM R
  • Mirrors with anti-steam systems
  • Mirrors, LED
  • MetalGlass folding system
  • Shower cabins Dorma, EVODUR ESG
  • Tempered glass EVODUR ESG engraved, LED
  • Countertop ceramic enamel,  EVOTOP