Green Court – SKANSKA

Located in the Floreasca – Barbu Vacarescu area, one of the most dynamic parts of the city, Green Court Bucharest is Skanska’s first commercial development project in Romania.
The class A office project, designed according to the latest office trends, is LEED Gold certified. Buildings offer tenants the highest level of comfort, an energy efficient workspace and access to a relaxing yard.
For this project, Glas Expert produced and installed clear interior and exterior railings, glass railings with coloured foil, a glass interior partition wall, a smoke curtain, CNC cut glass and enameled countertops in bathrooms, mirrors, Enamelled glass cladding in buildings B and C, 8m mirror plating, enamelled glass hydrants and push system hinges. With minor variations, a similar template was used for all three buildings: A, B and C.

Building A’s Indoor glass partition Wall was by far the greatest challenge for the entire team, including the architects and builders. Designed initially as a simple partition, architects could not find the solution at a height of 8 m that allowed the partition to be free standing. A series of discussions followed that included many questions, numerous proposals, preliminary drawings, resistance calculations and several technical solutions for anchoring to the ceiling structure and side walls.

Glas Expert submitted several potential solutions, one of which was adopted for the project. The metal structure used to anchor and secure the tempered glass pillars was the product of a special project specifically initiated to investigate the required resistance calculations. Essentially, the entire weight of the immense glass partition wall was distributed across the floor and ceiling equally. The EVOLAM T tempered and laminated wall, anchored to the concrete ceiling, stiffens the entire structure and ensures maximum visibility.

The Spider systems used have been chosen on the basis of strength and reliability, and Dorma Manet, the option chosen for the swing door, completes the complex look of the final assembly.

The interior railings, made using an 8.2.8 mm configuration of EVOLAM T tempered and laminated ultra-clear glasses, were mounted on fixing points and, below, we mounted ‘30 minute fire-resistant’ glass to act as a smoke screen – a novelty for Romanian office buildings.
The ceramic enamelled EVOKERAM R glass bathroom countertops consist of 2 parts glued together with special adhesive, with 45˚ finished edges. They are CNC cut to incorporate the sinks, with special holes also bored to house paper towel disposal. Together with the mirrors mounted above, the glass countertops give the bathrooms a distinctly elegant finish.

The 6000mm x 4000mm x 6mm mirror assembly, set at 4m high and perfectly flush with the wall, gives the reception area a feeling of spaciousness and greatly enhances the ambience. Glas Expert produced and installed flush ‘push system’ hydrant doors (with glued hinges) to coordinate with the interior finishes.

Laminated coloured foil incorporated in the railings are harmonized with the façade, the exterior finishes and other surrounding buildings. The 1515.4 configuration of ultra clear (low iron) glasses were laminated with two or three types of coloured foil to get the shade required by architects.


Client Skanska
Location Romania, Bucharest
Architect Arhitect Service
Project duration 12 months
Completion date September, 2016
Glas Expert’s products and services 
  • Consultancy in project details
  • Specific design
  • Measurements and installation
  • Glass railings, EVOLAM T
  • Fire resistant glass
  • Smoke curtains
  • Countertops made of ceramic enamelled glass EVOKERAM R
  • Glass partition wall, glass pillars,  SADEV stainless steel pieces
  • Outdoor glass railings, coloured EVA foil, EVOLAM K
  • Tempered glass EVODUR ESG