Fair Fitness – Nürnberg

Fitness defines our body’s ability to function effectively, both in our professional life and during leisure activities, to be healthy and to cope with stress. The respect we give our bodies is reflected in our physical appearance, but also in our overall health and attitude. Glas Expert supports the concept of health through sports. Our involvement in the Fair Fitness project, Nurnberg, Germany, complements and continues our experience in setting up fitness / spa / gym facilities.

The general layout includes discreet zones created using diffused LED lights behind EVODUR tempered Glass. The reception area and passages to the dressing room and fitness area now enjoy a relaxing ambience conducive to recreational activity.

In the shower area, the combination of EVOKERAM enameled ceramic glass and white walls create a spacious, colourful and clean environment. The shower panels, developed by Glas Expert, are also made of EVOPRINT ceramic glass, with additional application of ceramic enamel in the specific colours of the club. The devices that complement the panels ensure substantial water savings and the longevity of the entire system.

The EVOCLEAN nanoparticle solution facilitates effortless glass maintenance by contributing toward a final product with self-cleaning properties.
The chemically satinised EVODUR glass shower enclosures are harmoniously adapted to the club’s washroom and mounted using a fitting specially developed by Glas Expert for the fitness, gym and spa industry.

EVOKERAM R ceramic enamelled glass toilet partitions enhance and improve harmony and cleanliness, with a vast choice of vibrant tints and colours, along with coordinated fixtures and fittings adapted for this type of space.
Elegant and discreet, EVODUR tempered glass partitions in men’s toilets are satinated on both sides to ensure the privacy of the club’s guests.

Client Fair Fitness
Location Germany, Nürnberg
Architect Fit In Design GmbH
Project duration 1 month
Completion date  December, 2017
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