The refurbishment works for Drumul Taberei park 

The refurbishment works for the Drumul Taberei park, district 6, comprised the playgrounds, the street furniture, the sports grounds, the sidewalks, the two pedestrian bridges, the arthesian well and the exposition pavilion; from the landscape point of view, the park was laid out according to the English landscape gardens principles.

The footbridge guides the visitor from the main alley and climbs with a minimum 8% declivity up to a 6 m height above the ground, offering a panoramic view over the park.

The professionalism and reputation of Glas Expert qualified us as winners for this project.
The project specifies 24mm thickness, three-layer laminated glass panels, mounted in stainless steel connecting pieces for the footbridge’s glass railings.
Since it serves as a public space, we performed the impact testing according to the TRAV standards, although the beneficiary had not requested it.

We tested the technical solution specified within the project, containing triple laminated glass and gripped in stainless steel connecting pieces, welded on the existent metal structure. The testing was made in compliance with the European Safety and Security Standards, with the 50 kg impactor erected, in turn, on different heights – specified by the TRAV Standards.

In the phase of lifting the impactor at the high-traffic areas specific testing height, the 24 mm triple laminated tempered glass broke.

We tested, afterwards, the double laminated version with the same thickness. The result was the same, the glass broke on the impact with the special device, lifted at the high-traffic public spaces specific height.

We performed the testing on other types of punctual fixing and on various types of profiles. Given the project specific character, with inclined areas and (existent) metal structure surfaces of the bridge which cannot be accessed for an accurate fixing of the railings, the fixing types search area was limited. On repeated attempts, in various types of fixing and profiles, the only configuration that bore up at the impactor testing was the 12.12 mm, laminated + tempered one, mounted in profile. The careful analysis of some profiles’ execution drawings eliminated, one at a time, other 4 profile versions. The Glas Expert proposal, based on the analysis of the execution technical drawing and on the impact testing result is a particular aluminum profile type painted in electrostatic field.

The settlement, the traffic and the risks in such a crowded area determine us to apply the correct, tested and agreed solutions and it is imperatively necessary to have such a conduct.

We started mounting the first panels. In order to mask the entire metal structure, the final version was going to be: tempered and laminated glass, ceramic enameled progressively sandblasted, anti-spots treated.

The completion of the entire project matched the amount of work and efforts took by the entire Glas Expert team.


Client Pergola Grădini Decorative
Locație România, București
Arhitect Concret Construct CD
Durată proiect 4 luni
Data finalizării Februarie, 2015
Produse și servicii Glas Expert
  • Consultanță în detalierea proiectului
  • Proiectare specifică
  • Testări la impact, IN SITE, pentru configurarea finală a balustradei, conform EN 12600
  • Măsurători și montaj
  • Sticlă laminată și securizată EVOLAM din 2 foi de sticlă EVODUR
  • Sticlă emailată ceramic EVOKERAM
  • Sistem de profile din aluminiu vopsit în câmp electrostatic pentru balustradă
  • 480 de panouri având cote si dimensiuni diferite