Crystal Tower – ING Bank

With a modern, sophisticated and elegant architectural design, equipped with Romania’s first rooftop heliport, CRYSTAL TOWER has become a landmark in Bucharest. The building is designed to meet the needs of the company and the personal activities of the people by virtue of office spaces, conference and meeting rooms, restaurant, bars and cafes, a fitness and spa center, internal banking and a green area.
The general tendency for glass to occupy an increasingly important place in interior design, and not just for outdoor applications, is noticeable and remarkable. Indoor glass elements can raise the category of a building as much as two stars due to the fact that glass is considered a superior finish. In early May 2011, in collaboration with the design and consulting firm Search Corporation, Glas Expert initiated the challenging project.
The modern technology applied in the production process, along with the “know-how” accumulated through experience during several highly complex installations have given Glas Expert the decisive advantages needed to successfully accomplish this project. Thanks to our collaboration with Mr. Arh.Ion Croitoru, the project could be completed exactly according to the beneficiary’s requirements.
The staircase, constructed entirely from EVOLAM T tempered and laminated glass, consists of 32 ‘60 mm deep’ steps mounted in the console, a landing, three railings over 4m in length and 45 mm thick, unified by four stringers. Low iron, ultra clear glass was used throughout In order to create a stunning aesthetic.
The first phase of the project involved using specific equipment to test the load the steps were able to withstand on the free, unsupported end. The Commission of the Technical University of Civil Engineering in Bucharest confirmed Glas Expert’s configuration of the tested sample, a testament to our significant experience. (EVOLAM T – laminating 4 15 mm thick EVODUR GLASS sheets, the lamination being made with a special type of foil ). Only the first layer of glass broke under an incredible load of 1500 kg, putting us in first place in front of all other subcontractor options. The resounding success of this test enabled us to start production of the staircase and railing. Tempering and lamination was done in the Glas Expert furnaces that allow the processing and insertion of sheets over 4 meters in length.
The rails that exceeded our machinery’s handling space and weight capabilities (over 800 kg per railing) were not an impediment for the assembly team. Special devices for lifting and installing stairs and railings were constructed and used in those cases. The stainless steel pieces used for the coupling of the stairs with the railings were made with impressive accuracy; keeping deviations to within half a millimeter.
At the request of Mr Arh.Ion Croitoru, Glas Expert proposed an anti-slip solution for the steps that involved applying EVOKERAM S ceramic enamel serigraphy technology, which has the appropriate qualities and properties. This anti-slip treatment also protects against scratches that may occur due to intensive traffic.
We are proud to say Glas Expert had the complete solution for this project, from the measurements, to the technical solutions, to the production and complete assembly. By maximizing material and physical resources to get the best production cost, we have added another very positive reference to the company portfolio.

General Contractor 
Crystal Tower
AMV Construct
Location Romania, Bucharest
Architect Ion CROITORU
Project duration 8 months
Completion date November, 2011
Glas Expert’s products and services 
  • Consultancy in project implementation
  • Specific design
  • Impact tests, IN SITE, for setting the glass thickness and configuration, conform EN 12600
  • Load tests at the free end of the steps
  • Measurements and mounting
  • Tempered and laminated glass EVOLAM T,  EVODUR ESG
  • Ceramic screen printed glass EVOKERAM S with anti-slip solution
  •  LACOBEL glass
  • Stainless steel fastening systems