Conect Business Park

Located in the northern area of Bucharest, the Conect 3 business center is an A+ class building, consisting of S+ P+ 9E, with a construction area of 20,000 square m.
The EVOKERAM ceramic enamel glazing, using the various colours stipulated by the architect’s stereotomy, is designed in such a way that the common spaces inspire optimism.
Originally designed with regular glass and organic paint in mind, the idea was immediately revised to using EVOKERAM ceramic enameled glass. The areas that had to be cut to incorporate the elevator accessories would have been subject to pressures that ordinary glass simply could not withstand; only a tempered EVODUR glass would suffice. The combination of the ceramic enamel colours coordinating beautifully with the surrounding glass cutouts and the elevator’s accessories.
The installation of mirrors in the toilets was enhanced by the placement of de-icing systems, between the mirrors and the wall, at intervals related to the location of the sinks.

General Contractor  Summa Romania
Location Romania, Bucharest
Architect Architect Service
Project duration  4 months
Completion date  February, 2015
Glas Expert’s products and services 
  • Consultancy in project detail
  • Specific design
  • Measurements and mounting
  • Screen printed glass  EVOKERAM R
  • mirrors with anti-steam systems