Fitness Lounge – Hamburg

The premium studio Fitness Lounge s located in the middle of a strongly expanding location , with maximum addressability for any sport enthusiast.
Wall cladding with EVOPRINT glass creates a spectacular and relaxing atmosphere at the same time.
Glas Expert has provided technical consultancy for the entire project with glass parts. Measurements and design are the benefits of Glas Expert, given the experience of the dozens of projects we have been involved in.
The shower panels EVODUSCH ceramic printed EVOPRINT, with the advantage of saving water up to 60%, have been installed on the ceramic enamel glass EVOKERAM.
EVODUSCH shower panels treated with EVOCLEAN are far less vulnerable to limescale and dirt deposits, making cleaning and maintenance effortless.
The shower head is designed and produced using specific materials to limit limestone deposits. Because high cleaning standards have to be maintained in any public relaxation space, the system is programmed to automatically start every 30 minutes. This function ensures a clean environment without the possibility of bacteria thriving and multiplying.
Glass sink MINIMAL , produced from EVOPRINT and glued at 45˚, installed on the EVOTOP enameled glass is easy to use and clean. Glas Expert’s glass sink MINIMAL is a product who has participated to Red Dot concept design and it was selected for the final phase.

Client Fitness Lounge
Location Hamburg, Germany
Architect Fitness Lounge
Project duration 6 weeks
Completion date  January, 2018
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