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EVOLAM DESIGN introduces novelty in that it enables the insertion of decorative elements between the sheets of laminated glass, such as textiles, pressed leaves and/or plants, paper, pictures, metal mesh, coloured foil, etc. EVOLAM DESIGN is ideal for situations where there are specific structural, acoustic and/or decorative requirements, and offers the possibility of a wide range of applications, including screens, partitions and cladding.
EVOLAM DESIGN EVOLAM DESIGN is a laminated safety glass consisting of one or two glass layers of the same or different thicknesses and then laminated with one or more EVA (Etilen Vinyl Acetate) 0.38mm thick glass sheets. Due to the qualities of the EVA film, EVOLAM DESIGN laminated glass can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Being hydrophobic (water repellent), EVA laminated panels provide resistance to moisture (rain, fog, snow) without the risk of delamination, even in the case of outdoor installation.
The ability to apply a ceramic print to one of the glass layers is an attribute of EVOLAM DESIGN, making it possible to create personalised panels with unique decorative elements for each individual piece.
EVOLAM DESIGN EVOLAM DESIGN presents the unique prospect of inserting textile, veneer or metal mesh elements and offers various levels of security depending on the type, number and thickness of the glass layers and interlayers making up the final product.
EVOLAM DESIGN can be processed after the rolling process, with the ability to make specific cuts and various holes but only in terms of a combination of non-tempered panels. If EVOLAM DESIGN has to perform a parapet or security and protection function, then EVOLAM DESIGN must be made from EVODUR or EVODUR HST and EVODUR HS.

Glass doors and interior partitions – the EVOLAM DESIGN laminated assembly process provides a unique and innovative way to enrich the appearance of an interior partition, through the use of textile inserts, mesh, or ceramic print applied to one of the glass layers, or with the logo/insignia of a company, or with ornamental drawings that harmonise the glass panel with the rest of the decorative elements in the family home.
Showcase or dividing panels – if there are elements to be masked behind the glass partition/panel, EVOLAM DESIGN provides a wide variety of options, including a textile insert between EVOKERAM glass layers. In the case that the embedded fabric is not dense or opaque enough, ceramic enamel would completely obscure the area we want hidden. In this way it is possible to elegantly mask wiring elements, pipes, unfinished walls, thermal insulation or areas deemed off-limits to the general public, perhaps. There are, however, other materials that can be inserted into EVOLAM DESIGN, with varying degrees of opacity, depending on the role and function of the glazing.
Table tops – EVOLAM DESIGN is adaptable in regard to dimension and shape, depending on the type and thickness of the glass required. Whether square, rectangular, oval or round, a glass top with a textile insert adds a stylish element to a table in any location.
Glass handrails – the play of colours and shadows in an EVOLAM DESIGN railing assembly stimulates creativity and improves the general ambiance. With an infinite range of images and designs available, a ceramic print applied to one of the glass layers that make up the resilient assembly can be adapted to each panel.
Fins and glass shelves – EVOLAM DESIGN allows discreet separation of any retail space. EVOLAM DESIGN glass fins with custom inserts can help distinguish between areas accessible to everyone and those with restrictions, without being disrespectful to visitors. Matching EVOLAM DESIGN glass elements with other interior design components is easy to achieve by using ceramic print, or fabric or mesh inserts.

Protection against injury – if the glass breaks, the fragments remain stuck to the lamination film and any potentially harmful shards are held in place.

Freefall protection – Correct sizing and proper application of normative requirements, as well as correct calculation of the laminate glass design, give EVOLAM DESIGN a residual stability in case of breakage as well as a retention, in some cases, of the body/ies that caused the glass to break.
Intrusion protection – laminated safety glass, mounted in an adequate frame, can be a significant burglary deterrent, helping to ensure the security of stores, homes, offices, etc. Semi-opaque or translucent variants of EVOLAM DESIGN are practical solutions for limiting visual access to any room, which discourages break-ins. The evaluation of risk and regulations determine the level of protection to be achieved and therefore the type of glass that will be used. This choice obviously depends on the nature and value of the goods to be protected, the type of building (eg: easily accessible or not, individual dwelling, etc.) and location (eg isolated or not, high/low risk area, etc).The assessment of this risk will be done on a case-by-case basis and any insurers’ requirements will be taken into account.

Explosion protection – this laminated glass is designed and calculated to prevent the consequences of an accidental or criminal explosion.

Protection against noise pollution – Besides the innovative, colourful, opaque or semi-opaque options available, EVOLAM also offers other special types of laminated foil interlayers which can provide acoustic insulation or noise protection in busy environments.

Maximum size: 4800 x 2500 mm for the non-tempered glass version
Maximum size: 4400 x 2400 mm for the EVODUR, EVODUR HS or EVODUR HST glass.
Maximum thickness: 200 mm
Maximum weight: 650 kg
The type of glass used for your EVOLAM DESIGN will dictate whether or not further drilling or machining can be done after the laminating process. For example, if your EVOLAM DESIGN includes EVODUR or EVODUR HS glass, no further holes or cuts can be made after the laminating process. Whereas if only non-tempered glass variants are used, further processing is possible post laminating process.

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The tolerances of this product are described in the “Glas Expert Tolerances, Products and Services Handbook/Manual” , available to you when placing an order.