Glass Railings

Glass Railings – Aluminium Profile Fixing

European Safety and Security Standards require that railings be an effective safety guard against falling. According to these standards, in order to provide this type of protection, the glass must be tempered and laminated and in various configurations adapted to traffic conditions and wind resistance. Depending on the application, different types of profiles are adapted and used accordingly. The entire assembly, including glass, glue and profile, is tested according to TRAV rules.

Glass Railings – Fixed Point

Railings with fixing points, which are always made of EVOLAM T-laminated safety glass, have the advantage of generating more space either on a staircase or balcony. The free space is much greater than when the railing is fitted into a profile. The stainless steel fixtures, can be completely inserted into the EVOLAM T by chamfering the outer glass layer. Thus, only small areas of stainless steel , 45 mm in diameter, can be seen on the front of the glass.

Curved Glass Railings

Curved tempered glass railings, using EVOLAM CONTOUR can create a very special feature in the office space or family home. There are different approaches to fixing these particular types of railing. Where the railing is being installed to protect against falling, safety and security is always’s Glas Expert’s first point of analysis. One of the key aspects to the successful completion of a project involving contoured railings is the initial design. The second stage, as vital as the first, is the …

Structural Glass Railings

Along with the role of protection against falling, railings can also function as a pillar or support for other structures. Extended downwards and transfering the load onto the floor, the railing can take up and distribute the weight of the steps. The railing profiles also act as a supporting structure and are a robust and safe method of taking or transferring the weight of the staicase whilst additionally reducing the vibrations generated by its use.

Glass Railings – Glue Fixed

Innovations in the field of adhesives have developed at a significant rate and applications specific to bonding glass have evolved accordingly. Known as a ‘technical solutions’ innovator, Glas Expert has researched, tried and tested a plethora of architectural glass adhesives. The ‘bonded glass’ technical solutions studied and developed by Glas Expert are coupled with and supported by the results of many laboratory ‘Rapid Aging’ tests. We purchased force measuring equipment, along with special t …

Glass Railings with Metallic Structures

EVOLAM T glass railings are designed and configured specifically to remove or minimize the risk of falling. The type of fixtures and fittings used, the type of area in which the glass railings are to be mounted, along with general traffic volumes in the area are all essential elements taken into account where correct sizing and thickness of the EVOLAM T glass is concerned. Laminated safety glass pillars provide additional strength to either very high railings, or to those that have to withstand …