Glass Furniture

Glass Furniture – Commercial

Shopping areas are constantly being upgraded through various decorative elements, so that the atmosphere is as welcoming as possible. Meanwhile, the objective is also to be as visible as possible and to expose all items for sale; a design challenge that inspires more and more bold ideas. In case of jewelry stores, in order to ensure that the colours of the displayed items aren’t altered by the glass used to protect them, special ultra-clear (low-iron) or anti-reflective glass is required. Adding …

Glass Furniture – Residential

Residential glass furniture can be very complex and elaborate and involve much attention to detail. Typically, 45-degree finishing is a common requirement and ultra-clear (low-iron) EVODUR ESG tempered safety glass is used in this case. The glass bookshelf, with UV bonded shelves, can support a distributed weight of up to 20 Kg, depending on the glass thickness and the surface of the UV-bonded edge.