Printed and Coloured Glass Cladding

Glass Cladding with Ceramic Printed Glass – EVOPRINT

Cladding with EVOPRINT glass is a very effective way colourfully embellish any wall’s surface with a desired image. We can simulate natural surfaces, such as marble or wood, and/or use images or decals to create an absolutely unique environment. Glass wall cladding is easy to maintain and is a stylish, elegant solution for both commercial areas and for family home interiors. To ensure the accurate rendering of an image when using printed ceramic colours, we usually use ultra-clear glass, with va …

Cladding with Ceramic Coloured Glass

Helpful in daily use and easy to clean, EVOKERAM enamelled ceramic glass is the most practical solution for wall cladding. Whether used in homes, kitchen and bathroom areas, high traffic areas or for outdoor ventilated facades, any colour variation in the RAL palette can be used for EVOKERAM. The fact we can create large single pieces at dimensions of up to 4400x2400mm, means we can create the feeling and sensation of a large, elegant, clean and spacious room.