Our Story


Having had significant experience in processing and selling glass since 1993, Glass Expert’s founder initiates a new concept in the same name in 2002, with a team of 6 employees, in a production area of 500 sqm.


In 2003 Glass Expert begins its branding with a new logo and motto. Also at this time, we increase our workforce to 10 dedicated professional employees and 4 glass processing machines.


In 2005 Glass Expert acquires the first 5-axis CNC machine in the country, along with a sand blasting machine and several other glass processing machines.  


In 2006, Glass Expert participates as an exhibitor at international fairs for the first time, beginning with Köln and Birmingham. We expand into another 1,000 square meters of production space and increase the number of employees.


In early 2007 Glass Expert procurres one of the largest tempered glass machines in Romania, the ‘Tamglass PRO-E’, with a processing surface dimension of 4500 x 2400 mm. In order to better control the parameters of this new addition, we set up Glass Expert Tempered SRL, the 2nd company in the group. 


We install the first EVA sheet lamination line in Romania for 4500 x 1800 mm glass sizes, the only lamination process that allows laminated glass to be exposed without a sealing on the edge, with no de-laminating over time.
We now operate in 3000 square meters of production space and exceed 60 employees within the group of companies.



This is the year when Glas Expert is certified ISO 9001 as a result of implementing work and system procedures. We reach 3000 square meters of production halls and exceed 60 employees at the group level.  


In 2010 we open the third in the group of companies – Glass Expert Contractor SRL, which deals with the contracts relating to delivery and assembly. Glass Expert has participated as an exhibitor in at least one international trade fair each year since 2010 and we make a major decision for 2011- a new company, Glass Expert GmbH


As a result of very positive feedback received at the BAU Munich International Exhibition, we make a major decision for 2011; it is decided that we open a new company in Munich, Germany – Glass Expert GmbH – the fourth company in the Glas Expert group.


In 2012, as a result of an increased demand for tempered safety glass, a second large-capacity laminating line with the ability to process glass up to 5700 x 2700 mm is installed for the production of railings, stairs, awnings, flooring and glass facades. 


In 2013, after a year of study and analysis, Glass Expert rebrands with a new logo and motto. The high quality of all products, the rigorous procedures and the adherence to the same high standards for all departments in Glass Expert encourages us to transform Glass Expert to Glas Expert, a direct acknowledgment of, and association with, German precision.


In 2014, we are proud to install what is quickly recognised as the best glass enameling and screen printing production line in Romania, with cutting edge, ‘state of the art’ technology and a capacity of more than 500 sqm per shift.  


In 2015, Glas Expert installs Romania’s first digital ceramic printer; a technology that revolutionises the glass industry. Having such technology at our disposal puts us among the top 30 companies in Europe and the top 120 companies in the world. 


 In 2016, we open our 200 sqm showroom to display some of the products Glass Expert excels at. The second CNC machine is installed and begins to operate at full capacity within the year. 


Also in 2016, Glas Expert develops, tests, manufactures and markets our new range of products for gyms, fitness studios, spas and relaxation areas. We display these innovations at two specialised fairs in the associated market, FSB Köln and FIBO Köln.