Glas Expert exhibits this year at FIBO

Having had a successful turn out at the Sports, Fitness Products and Wellness Facilities Exhibition in 2017, we decided to return this year. This year, we brought a plethora of improved products with us, as well as a few surprise elements especially developed for the event.
The products exhibited will be for the area dedicated to sport:


The EVOCUBICLE are entirely made of glass and as a distinctive element .All the fittings are glued on the glass so that on the surface of the glass there is no ironing element.
EVOKOLOR R, EVOPRINT or EVOLAM K glass will give to your space a special design with a creative design .

Shower Cabins 
Glas Expert produces shower cabins with doors In various configurations using extra-clear, ultra clear (low-iron) glass, either tinted or tempered mirror type glass. The door can be mounted to the wall as a single shower cubicle, sandwiched between two fixed partitions, or attached to a single panel.

EVODUSCH’s innovative pre-mixed water system is an economical solution for shower areas in any spa or fitness center and its pleasant and modern appearance easily adapts to both the design aspects and the hygiene requirements absolutely necessary in a public space.

Urinal Divider
Produced in various type of glass ( clear, low-iron, enameled, screen printed, ceramic printed, double satin), urinal dividers are available in different shapes and patterns. Urinal dividers are equipped with all the necessary elements for the installation.

Glass Lockers
Absolutely necessary in any dedicated to sport space, Glass Lockers provided by Glas Expert can be produced in different versions: with EVOKERAM glass doors, EVOPRINT glass doors or combinations of both. Equipping with different access systems is optional and we have a large range of devices.

Glass Sink
Glas Expert has developed a special sink, completely from glass. MINIMAL has been selected for the final stage of the RED DOT Design Awards, as a proof of the jury’s appreciation. Made by EVOPRINT and with the sides glued at 45 degrees, MINIMAL is available in 4 standard dimensions.